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Les Festivals à Lorient Bretagne Sud! Le Festival Les Deiziou, le festival breton au A stiff breeze, carrying energy and enthusiasm, blows along the boulevards, up the quays and the bay of Lorient that warmly hosts some of the major sporting events of the year.

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When the effervescence of the festivals gets hold in the streets, takes over the squares, mixing up cultures and lighting up the stages, the whole Lorient area vibrates to the rhythm of the party. Here, there is always something happening. Whether they are musical, cinema, historical or theatrical, the festivals in Lorient Bretagne Sud punctuate the year and create occasions for getting together in a warm and friendly atmosphere.

For three days, a show of street art: Created in , this festival invites all types of music to fill the vaults of the church in Guidel: Reputed for the very high quality of its programme that brings together internationally renowned artists and young talents at the start of a promising career.

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Plays and concerts are given over eight days in this enchanting setting. Every summer, the medieval town of Hennebont drapes itself in flags and puts on a huge colourful market.

► 21 et 22 mai 12222, Université de Montpellier, France

Jugglers and troubadours, jousting, archery, costumed pageants, theatre, music, dance, exhibitions, presentation of old trades: Concerts and exhibitions of contemporary art are an occasion to discover the religious heritage of the town. Cultural walks and visits from chapel to chapel complete the summer programme, explaining the history of the buildings.

Born on the island of Groix in Brittany, the International Festival of Insular Film goes in search of island culture around the world.

Ηλεκτρονικη πληρωμη δημοσιου

On the back of postcard clichés, this festival shows films about islands, concerts and debates, fiction and documentary, far and wide. Each new edition presents a summary of audio-visual creations from island worlds. Ireland is the destination for this 13th edition. This festival of contemporary music attracts many spectators every year for its atmosphere and eclectic line-up: This festival is at the crossroads of a variety of disciplines, combining music, video, photo exhibitions, sculptures and painting.

Lorient Bretagne Sud. The island of Groix.

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